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In 2015, companies spent £1.7bn on advertising in Scotland – but advertising’s total contribution to GDP is far greater. Credos, advertising’s think-tank, commissioned BiGGar Economics to quantify advertising’s economic impact in Scotland, and found that the £1.7bn invested in advertising resulted in an £8.8bn contribution to the wider economy. That money supports jobs, drives prices down and competition up, boosts exports and more. Advertising Pays Scotland brings this knowledge together to communicate the value of advertising to the Scottish economy among politicians, business and the public in Scotland.

It is the fifth in the Advertising Pays series, which aims to illustrate the various ways advertising positively impacts the UK economy. The other reports in the series are available here.

About the AA

The Advertising Association promotes the role, rights and responsibilities of advertising and its impact on individuals, the economy and society. We are the only organisation that brings together agencies, advertisers and their brands and media to combine strengths and seek consensus on the issues that affect them. Through wide-reaching engagement and evidence-based debate we aim to build trust and maximise the value of advertising for all concerned.

About Credos

Credos is UK advertising’s think-tank, funded by a broad range of advertisers, media owners and agencies. Issues of societal concern involving advertising are high on its agenda as it is committed to an honest appraisal of advertising, identify its shortcomings as well as its positive features, so that the industry can address them. Its work is guided by an advisory board of industry experts to ensure its relevance, quality and integrity.